Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lauren Barnett, Neil Fitzpatrick & Bernie McGovern event 8/18

Quimby's Bookstore

Come see three bright stars from the Hic & Hoc roster – Lauren Barnett, Neil Fitzpatrick, and Bernie McGovern – signing their amazing books on Saturday, August 18, from 7-9pm.

Lauren Barnett is very, very funny. This fact is easily verifiable as she has been posting dailoy comics on her blog since 2007. Her new book from Hic & Hoc, Me Likes You Very Much, collects the best of these five years of jokes, swear words, and awkward animals. Lauren is schlepping all the way out from New York for this so you really should come and say hi.

Neil Fitzpatrick has been knocking out his superb Neil Jam brand of comes for over a decade now featuring his bug eyed characters milling about and self-reflecting. He’s gone the minicomic route with a self-published series, the anthology route in titles like Kramers Ergot, as well as the webcomic route ( His new book from Hic & Hoc, Everythingness, transplants the Neil Jam troupe to a place where they must confront even deeper questions and come up with yet more confusing answers.
Chicago-based artist Bernie McGovern has been dabbling with abstract fantasy in his epic series An Army of Lovers Will Be Beaten. Equal parts “The Lost Weekend” and “The Point,” Bernie’s brand new comic for Hic & Hoc, which will be making its debut at Quimby’s, is called DemonTears, and chronicles his last days of boozing through a juxtaposition of fantastic parable and autobiography.

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