Monday, April 4, 2016

Leadership change at Chicago Puppy Patrol

Pup Tork
CHICAGO — Justin Hartman, aka Pup Tork, announced last week that he would be stepping down as secretary of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, one of the most active clubs in the city and one of the country’s biggest pup groups.

Tork made the announcement in an open letter to the CPP’s Facebook group last week. He stated that his commitments, which include being a board member of the International Puppy and Trainer Contest, a director for the Illinois Pup and Trainer contest, plus membership in the Windy City Boys Troop, just didn’t allow him to give his position in the CPP the attention it deserved.

“In my personal life, I also got a full time job working forty plus hours a week in addition to my old one,” Tork said in an interview. “I became an uncle during my title year and want to spend more time with my family too.” This is addition to him also returning to school for his bachelor’s degree.

The CPP was gracious in accepting the resignation, since they did know of his other commitments.

“We (the CPP) want to thank Tork for all the work he has done for the Chicago Pup Community,” said Pup Snuggles. “We wish him all the best in his upcoming ventures and look forward to working with him for future pup events that he coordinates.”

Tork will still be a member of the CPP and Windy City Boys Troop, but he won’t be taking a leadership role in either group.

He did say he accomplished the goal he had when he first won Illinois Leather Puppy in 2014 – to get people excited about pup contests, the pup community and the community at large.

He did have this advice for future leaders. “As difficult as it may be sometimes, try you're best to focus on the needs of your community, especially those who are new or shy, instead of your personal aspirations. While being selfless can be hard sometimes, you never know who you might inspire to come out of their shell.”

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