Monday, April 4, 2016

Rough Crowd April: Foundations of Rough Body Play, April 10

CHICAGO — Are you ready to dip a toe into rough body play? Interested in learning more about where to go with your play after a little spanking? This introductory day is the perfect place to start.

Rough Crowd is an educational workshop, and is a perfect place to start your exploration. It's friendly and relaxed, private and confidential, and always covers topics with an accessible, demystifying approach. There is lecture and demo, and opportunity to practice your new skills if you like (no attendee is ever expected to do anything they don't feel comfortable doing; we even have written policies on that stuff). So if you're curious, come join us for a 3-hour introduction to rough body play!

Class will cover safety, anatomy, and basic techniques for you to take home with you and practice with. There will be practice time for those interested, and you'll be able to try out techniques and get pointers and advice. ... (read more)

Check out Rough Crowd for the full post and details. Come join us for this event (and join the group to get updates!).

GROUP: Rough Crowd
POST: Rough Crowd April: Foundations of Rough Body Play
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Who is Welcome

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that's your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that's OK).
What is Rough Crowd

Rough Crowd is a workshop that happens almost monthly in Chicago that generally focuses around something to do with rough body play; it's kinky, it's relaxed, and it's fun. All levels are welcome, from novice to expert.
Rough Crowd: Violent Displays of Affection.

If you're interested, and for more complete information, see the links above. If you like what you see, consider joining the FetLife group for Rough Crowd.

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