Monday, February 22, 2016

Chicago Rope February: Homegrown (Feb 28th)

CHICAGO - Chicago Rope is pleased to announce our February Event.

To help you ride out the last vestiges of winter, we're bringing you two of Chicago's best-known rope event organizers: MasterSoNSo, host of Bound to Learn, which meets monthly at GD2, and Lionfire, host of Tying by Twilight, which meets at GD2 as well as in private locations in Chicago. These events have been fixtures of the Chicago rope scene for several years, and many of our staff at Chicago Rope regularly attend one or both of them.

Chicago Rope Social Hour4-5pm @ GD2
This month, we are debuting a social hour before class. Doors will open at 4 to catch up with friends, meet other people interested in rope, and get settled in to a floor space. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Classes will start promptly at 5.

Karada: Gender, Shape and Fashionwith MasterSoNSo
Integrating fashion design principles, macrame, and decorative knots, this class will show you how to build sexy rope body harnesses which look good at a party (or disappear under your evening-wear) and leave openings for all your important play needs later. This is a hands-on, intermediate-level class aimed at all genders and body types.
Short Capture Rope
with Lionfire

A few meters of rope thrown across a body can be used to bend a body against itself. Using rope twisted and held in place by hands, teeth, and bodies, with no knots or frictions, we'll cover several different positions and how to use them for takedown, capture, manhandling, and rough sex. Lionfire recommends bringing a few shorter pieces of rope for this class: one piece of 4m (or 10-15ft), one 2m (5-8ft), and two 1m (3-4 ft). There will be lots of floor movement and positioning, so we also suggest loose, comfortable athletic clothing.

New Beginner's Intro to Ropewith Chicago Rope Staff
This class will teach fool-proof double-column and single-column ties that you can use right away with any rope, a few reliable alternatives for single and double-column ties, and some basic frictions and hitches. Rope safety and scene communication skills for tops and bottoms will also be covered.

What is Chicago Rope?
Chicago Rope is a volunteer-based rope education initiative for the Chicago community that provides structured instruction for beginners as well as more advanced students through an ongoing series of workshops that exhibit a wide range of styles and techniques.
How do I attend?

Chicago Rope is open to anyone over the age 18 (with valid, state-issued ID) who is interested in rope. The event is hosted at the Galleria Domain 2 club (GD2) during non-member hours. Those who are not members of GD2 must complete and sign an Entrance Agreement in order to access the premises. We strongly recommend that you do so prior to attending the event to make entry faster and more efficient for everyone. Your online agreement only needs to be completed once to attend all future Chicago Rope events (and any other events at GD2).

Where is GD2 located?
GD2 is located near the border of the Logan Square and Bucktown neighborhoods in Chicago. To get the exact address, you must RSVP here.

What does it cost?
Monthly Chicago Rope events are offered to the public free of charge. All of the organizers and presenters are unpaid volunteers, and our hosts are donating the use of their space.

Do I need a partner?
No. Our staff will help unpaired attendees find partners at the event. We ask that unpartnered tops be prepared to switch if paired with another participant who wishes to tie. Keep in mind that GD2 rules do not permit play during non-member hours, so all tying at Chicago Rope events must be in lab-mode and for educational purposes only. Feel free to post in our Seeking Partners thread if you would like to find a partner in advance. Participants are also welcome to self-tie.

Do I need rope?
If you only want to be tied, you don't need to bring any rope. If you would like to tie, we recommend that you bring your own rope. We do have a few lengths of synthetic rope available for loan if you need it.

For the New Beginners Intro to Rope class, almost any rope is fine. We recommend rope of a diameter between 6mm (1/4 inch) and 10 mm (3/8 inch). Soft synthetic rope like braided or twisted nylon in this size can easily be purchased at a hardware store. One length of 20-30 feet is sufficient, although shorter or longer lengths will also work.

For the intermediate classes, unless otherwise noted in the class description, we recommend at least three 8 meter (25-30 feet) lengths of natural fiber (jute or hemp) ropes of approximately 6mm (1/4 inch) diameter. If you choose to use synthetic ropes, be aware that some ties may need to be modified to suit your rope.

We also suggest bringing a yoga mat or blanket to sit on.

What should I wear?
Participants must remain dressed legally for public spaces in Chicago. That means that while stripping off a restrictive layer or two is okay, getting completely naked is not. Wear something that is comfortable, fitted, and that you can move in. To comply with city laws and remain gender-neutral, Chicago Rope will be implementing a slightly stricter policy of no exposed nipples for anyone. We thank you for your cooperation.

How can I get involved as a volunteer or presenter?
Read our Presenter and Volunteer Information and then fill out our online application. Chicago Rope staff will get in touch to discuss how you can help.

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