Monday, September 24, 2012

Album Review - Young the Giant, "Young the Giant"

Megan Purazrang
WCB Music Writer 


Young the Giant, Young the Giant
Released- October 26, 2010
Label - Roadrunner
Producer - Joe Chicarelli, Young the Giant

Young the Giant’s self-titled debut is a refreshing indie/alternative rock discovery. The music is mellow yet inviting, and tends to reflect emotions that we feel in everyday life.

The record begins with “Apartment,” a song with smooth and easy listening guitar strumming that has the head bouncing along within seconds. The percussion is light and distinctive throughout. In comparison to slower indie style like the work of Mumford and Sons, the sound of Young the Giant is much more lively, but still shares the same talent level. The second song on the album is a song about a relationship with metaphorical words called “Strings.”

The album has a few downfall songs that lack a proper flow. One of them is titled “St. Walker” it has a more annoying chaotic background noise than uplifting spirited sound. On the contrary the fifth song, “My Body” has the makings of a hit single. The instrumentation is solid and catchy. The lyrics are entertaining and keep the beat pulsing in the mind with a taste of jazz in the mix.

The song that is without a doubt most well-known from the album is “Cough Syrup” with the repetitive line “Life’s too short to even care at all/Woah/I’m coming up now, I’m coming up now.” This is a song that will be in your head for days and have you not only wanting to hear more, but if you’re a fan of the hit-TV show Glee, you may even want to check out its appearance from last year on the show. 

Check out their website for more information on what the band is doing to promote its music. Every Friday they are releasing a free video In The Open Sessions without any type of subscription. 

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