Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Album Review - Kimbra, "Vows"

Megan Purazrang
WCB Music Writer

Released - May 22, 2012
Label - Forum 5, Warner Bros. Records

Kimbra – a young artist fresh from New Zealand who has already made a music changing appearance on the popular tune Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to Know.” Naturally it worked well to release her debut album Vows to the States early this year.
Focusing on the vocal aspect, Kimbra as a powerful voice and with more experimentation there is no doubt that her potential will prove to be colossal. Throughout the record it seems that her talent has not been pushed. It falls short with the inkling that growth will faithfully shine over the 22-year olds direction.
The instrumentation is an additive that improves the mood of each song. The opening track “Settling Down” sets the scene for a jazzy atmosphere especially with the background vocals. The international influence arises in the second track “Something in the Way You Are” with African percussion and a continuing tribal vibe. Despite the catchy aura, the song lacks actual development. Its repetitive dictation turns off attention within a minute.
One of the main highlights is found in the fourth track “Two Way Street.” This is a love song about initiating the falling process. Kimbra’s vocal style is borderline ‘90s with Spice Girl reminisces.  During the song “Come into My Head” the pop- modern sound encompasses the melody. With a touch of power vocals and mimicking call and respond layering and a part Christina Aguilera sound this is easily the song that will remain buried in the brain for later.
“Posse” creates a vision of the early days of music with the different styles of influencing genres fusing together. For now, Kimbra still needs to bring more.

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