Monday, July 2, 2012

Album Review - Imagine Dragons, "Continued Silence - EP"

Megan Purazrang 
WCB Music Writer

Imagine Dragons
"Continued Silence"
Released - February 14, 2012
Producer - Alex Da Kid
Label - Interscope Records
Imagine Dragons EP Continued Silence is an awe-struck way of entering the music world. The six song record is only a preview of what the band is capable of achieving.  The Las Vegas native members are uncannily the contemporary version of The Killers. 
The introduction song called “Radioactive” begins with simplistic guitar strums and evolves into a powerful full-anthem epiphany. “Demons” is a strong vocal run with enduring and poetic lyrics flirting with dark spiritual concepts. On par with the recognizable sounds of Train, Imagine Dragons is infusing the stylistic trademarks of genres from reggae to rock settling with an overall Indie-rock alternative core. The concluding song “My Fault” is a ballad with a constant thump petal heart-beat-pulse driving its reflective path. 

It’s rare to find an album that embraces so many essences and births a sound that is unique and yet comparable. This is Imagine Dragon's 3rd EP since 2008. Continued Silence is just a taste of what their debut album titled Night Visions will be at its completion summer 2012. The record is set to be released in early September right before a Fall tour.

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