Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Ride! Invisible War! The Graduate! Indiana Jones!

Music Box Theatre

Happy Thursday, Music Boxers!

We’re opening three – count ‘em three new movies this Friday at the Theatre. The first is an exciting new Music Box Films release called LAST RIDE starring Hugo Weaving (The Matrix). Roger Ebert gives the film Four Stars(!) and says it’s “ great movie… Astonishing in its visual beauty.”

We’re also very pleased to open Kirby Dick’s searing new documentary THE INVISIBLE WAR along with a brand spankin’ new 35mm print of THE GRADUATE. Have yet to see the Dustin Hoffman classic on the big screen? Well now’s your chance!

Lastly, our Summer Blockbusters at Midnight Series rolls on with INDIANA JONES AND THE RADIERS OF THE LOST ARK. It’s basically the greatest Blockbuster of all time. (You heard it here first.) Check it out this Friday and Saturday night!

See you at the movies!

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