Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiloh Concert Review

Megan Purazrang
WCB Music Writer

Double Door
1572 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

            It was around 9:00 P.M. when Shiloh hit the stage at Double Door 1572 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL. The band was larger than expected for their indie-rock, alternative sound. Once they got on stage and began playing it was immediately obvious that the six members on stage (including a bored looking violin player) of the band co-exist well in the root of their chemistry, musically speaking is a different story.
            During the 30 minute set, there were many occurrences when the band showed a more immature side of musical talent. With that being said, there is certainly an opportunity for growth. Musically one of the biggest issues was the lack of flow in their sound. At least one time during each song there was an off key. A couple of the songs had beginners promise and then faltered once the main melody began. Confidence can go a long way, and they definitely have that sense of stage presence. Now it just needs to have a sound that parallels properly. Instead of producing a unique and memorable experience, a listener could assume it was karaoke night at a typical bar without knowing any better.  
            Due to an equipment malfunction halfway through the show, the band resorted to telling stories and commentary to get through the moments until they were golden again. The attempt was impromptu and well enough for a band playing a small, quaint venue, but once one is bored and begins looking around for an escape the posters that advertise the bigger bands that have played Double Door only make the moment even more sadly inescapable.
 They spent a great deal of time promoting the new CD and band t-shirts, specifically singling out what could only be friends in the small crowd. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion –in fact it is something that any developing or developed band should do. However, one large error made was not saying the band’s name until a second before exiting the stage.

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