Monday, April 23, 2012

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is Saturday, MAY 5th at Chicago Comics

Chicago Comics

On Saturday, May 5, Chicago Comics will join with thousands of comic book shops around the world to celebrate the unique American artform that is comic books. The day has been dubbed "Free Comic Book Day," and its goal is to introduce as many people to the wonders of comic books as possible.

In the course of Free Comic Book Day, stores will give away millions of comic books, ranging in subject matter from high-flying super-hero adventure to intense slice-of-life to crime noir to kid-friendly humor and more.

Unlike video stores, bookstores, and movie theaters, comic book stores are usually independently owned and operated, with no national chains dominating the market. As a result, each store is as individual as its owner, and a celebration of the incredible diversity in the comic book field. Those who think comic books are "just for kids" or "old-fashioned" will be pleasantly surprised by the broad range of reading material available at their local comic book store.

This year Chicago Comics has worked with several other Lakeview businesses to participate by giving away even more free items. “We envisioned a way for families making the trip to the comic book store to add to the fun by visiting other stores in our immediate area and getting even more free stuff!” Some of the other stores participating are The Alley, Strange Cargo and the Architectural revolution.

Regular updates, information about comic books, and lists of participating publishers (and their comics) are all online at

Free Comic Book Day kicks off Saturday, May 5 at 11 AM and runs until 8 PM at Chicago Comics, 3244 North Clark St.. Chicago. Call 773-528-1983 for more information.

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