Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tom Morello Is Coming to C2E2

Lance Fensterman

What's happenin' Chi-Town? I've always longed for shoulder length hair for the simple fact of being able to head bang at rock n' roll concerts. You know what really gets me going? Epic guitar solos. I'll have to go out and get the necessary amenities for C2E2 because the rock star guitar player Tom Morello is coming to C2E2! To raise your adrenaline a little more, we're one week closer to the holiday filled with green beer and to top it off, the C2E2 Team will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt in the Windy City! Rev up your engines Chicago, we're coming for you!

Rock out with Tom Morello!
If you're looking to rock out at C2E2, then our next Guest is right up your alley! Shredding on the guitar is what Tom Morello does best, that is when he's not writing his comic series for Dark Horse Comics called Orchid. He has been a part of some of the most epic rock bands including Rage Against the Machine and AudioSlave! His guitar skills have given rock fans everywhere a reason to smile and his comics are right on beat! Check out Tom's Q&A Friday, April 13 and snag an autograph!

Claudio Sanchez is coming to C2E2!Claudio Sanchez is not only an incredible guitar player but also an amazing writer! When Claudio's not busy with his band COHEED AND CAMBRIA, he spends his time writing for his comic book series, KEY OF Z; THE AMORY WARS: The Second Stage Turbine Blade and other novels. The combination of comic books and rock n' roll have never sounded so sweet! Check him out at C2E2 this April!

DareDevil Mark Waid!Mark Waid has thrilled comic readers for decades writing about every super hero you can imagine! From Spider-Man to Superman, this guy has done it all! If you haven't checked out Mark's current project, DareDevil From Marvel Comics, now's the time. Make sure you come and pay Mark a visit at C2E2 this Spring!

Bill Willingham will be at C2E2!Bill Willingham is coming to C2E2! Bill has made his mark on comic book readers everywhere with his famous fables like Peter and Max and he's also dabbled in writing for other comic book series. His skills have sky rocketed him to the top of the best seller's list on many occasions and we have a feeling there's much more to come! Make sure you check him out at the show!

VIP Autograph Signings!If you haven't purchased your swagatstic VIP Ticket, now is the time! We've confirmed that Adam Hughes and Neal Adams will be conducting the VIP only Autographing sessions. It's time to stop putting on the brakes and make your move. There are only a few more of them left, so grab them while you can!

C2E2 Scavenger Hunt Next Weekend!
Next week is C2E2's St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt! Those who can decode the clues will win a Weekend Ticket to come to the show! The key factors in conquering our challenge will be wearing comfy shoes to run around the city and of course knowing your basic A,B,C's and 1,2,3's! The big prize is a Weekend Ticket to C2E2 if you can uncover all the clues and tell the C2E2 Team the secret password. More details coming soon!

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