Friday, February 3, 2012

David Finch is Coming to C2E2

Lance FenstermanC2E2

Sup Chi-Town! I've been thinking a lot lately about what type of superhero I would be. I'm tall, witty, have top of the line vision (with my glasses on) and have about every color corduroy pants you could imagine. I'm going to be honest here, with those qualities I could slay any evil demon that steps in my way. Now, I'd of course have a comic book about me, but who'd do the cover art? There's only one man who can get the job done. This artistic genius happens to be our next Guest Announcement, the one and only David Finch! David has had a key hand, no pun intended, in bringing smashing characters like Batman: The Dark Knight crew to life in a big way. We're a little more than two months out from the big show and you better believe our guests from here on out will blow you away Windy City.

David Finch (Photo
courtesy of C2E2)
It's official, David Finch, the creator who brought us some of the most inspired comics in the industry is coming to C2E2! Not only has he influenced the comic world with his unique art aesthetic, he's also worked in the film, gaming and music industries... talk about the ultimate Renaissance man. David brings characters to life with his raw and gritty talent, and we can't wait to see what he does to amp up the level of C2E2!

We've got comic fever over here and the only cure is more Comic Guests! Gene Ha, Hilary Barta, Jamal Igle, Mark Brooks, Mark Morales, Matteo Scalera, Ryan Benjamin, Reilly Brown and Phil Hester are just a  few of our recently added Guests for C2E2. Our list of Comic Guests keeps getting bigger and more talented by the day! Make sure you check out these awesome new additions!

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Wondering if your favorite artist will be shacking up in C2E2 Artist Alley? Well, we've got your answer! The Artist Alley listing is now alive and kickin' on the C2E2 website. See if your number one artist will be sketching their heart out this Spring and visit the gallery to get a peek at the type of talent we have rollin' into the Loop this April!

The C2E2 Shuttle is the perfect way to get to and from C2E2 from the Loop! Hop on the C2E2 Complimentary Shuttle and leave the driving to us. Our shuttle service will be stopping at ten different locations downtown throughout each day of the Show. Check out what location is closest to you and save some time and gas getting to C2E2!

Calm under pressure, fast-acting, accurate, enviable endurance, a brightly-colored uniform. These are just some of the attributes that can make a great hero. These same qualities also make one amazing crew team member. If you've got what it takes to help RUN a large-scale event like C2E2, apply to be part of our on-site crew team! Visit the website for details and e-mail us with any questions!

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