Wednesday, January 25, 2012

David Petersen & Mike Silvestri Are Coming to C2E2

Lance Fensterman
David Petersen
Hiiiyooooo! So I was driving around in my pimped out mini coop the other day, feeling oddly small compared to the other cars on the road and I got to thinking about the Mouse Guard series. What would you do if a tiny mouse came at you, dressed in a cape... with a sword? Personally, I would hop in my mini and hit the pavement faster than you can say "Wonder Woman Wears a Wonder Bra" five times fast. But it did make me think of how these little mice take on the world similar to how we're going to take on Chi-Town in April! Who better to help lead the way than the Mouse Guard creator, David Petersen who will officially be joining us at C2E2 2012! Our C2E2 fans are like an army of dedicated soldiers every spring, so why not treat yourselves this year with a VIP Ticket? Cut the lines, be the first on the Show Floor and have the type of C2E2 experience you deserve. We're preparing for battle to bring you the best show you can imagine and this is only the beginning. We have a lot more coming your way as we get closer to the show so stay tuned!

Mouse Guard creator, David Petersen, is going to be joining us in the Windy City this Spring! If you haven't read the series yet, do it. Now. David has more creativity in his finger than most do in their entire body. Our goal is to bring as much imagination to C2E2 as we can each year. With David in tow, we can't wait to see what he brings to enhance the already massive ship that is C2E2!

Marc Silvestri
Another large and in charge artist will be coming to C2E2! Marc Silvestri is no doubt an artist to be reckoned with. The artist made his big break with "Uncanny X-Men" and then the spin off of the bad-ass comic "Wolverine." From starting out at DC and Marvel Comics to now being the CEO of Top Cow Productions, Marc's been through it all. He's brought a lot to the comic world throughout the past couple decades and we are pumped to have him!

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