Monday, October 26, 2015

RAD Remedy launches ambitious crowdfunding campaign

CHICAGO - RAD Remedy is pleased to announce its first crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise $20,000 by November 17th ( Donations will fund initiatives that address the significant health disparities and care barriers faced by trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer (TGIQ) communities. The most impactful of these projects is the Referral Aggregator Database (RAD), a Yelp-style database designed specifically to connect TGIQ folks to safe, affirming, and comprehensive care nationwide. This database currently has 2,000 resources throughout the country, with each state represented. Each and every week, new resources are added and old ones are updated. Additionally, new features are being added to improve functionality and user experience.  

Outreach is a major part of this work, and collaborations have proved to be key. In addition to geographically under-resourced areas, RAD Remedy is diving deeper into outreach to and support of underserved groups (examples: undocumented folks, peoples of color, active duty service members and veterans, sex workers, intersex folks, seniors, youth, fat folks, kinky folks, etc). This includes traveling to conferences and events where these issues are front-and-center, continuing conversations with those impacted, and working to adapt RAD to better serve these communities.

RAD Remedy is also creating a health-focused zine series called “Dr. RAD's Super Sparkly Super Splendid Very Queer Health Show!” with radical illustrator Isabella Rotman. This coincides with RAD Remedy’s consulting work, known as Remedy on Demand, in which this organization helps providers examine forms, processes, and systems in order to work collaboratively with them to improve their practice.

RAD Remedy was honored to recently receive a grant from the Chicago Community Trust's LGBT Fund, which will be used specifically to do intensive outreach in Chicago and create a model of engagement that can be adapted for communities across the country.

Since RAD's initial launch in June 2015, several new features have already been added. Users can now search by population (gender, sexuality, race, age, and other body types and experiences). Then, reviews are tailored based upon those user selections, so that folks get the most relevant data for them. Additionally, folks can filter results by whether providers offer a sliding fee scale, certain standards of care, and ADA accessibility. RAD Remedy continues to add new features to improve functionality and user experience. As a collectively-operated and community-driven nonprofit, RAD Remedy eagerly welcomes the support of interested folks across the country and has a variety of possibilities for involvement including volunteering, financial and in-kind contributions, and simply spreading the word.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, RAD Remedy got its start at a technology development event, Trans*H4ck, in 2014. RAD Remedy's mission is to connect trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, and queer folks to accurate, safe, respectful, and comprehensive care in order to improve individual and community health. As a collectively-operated and community-driven nonprofit, RAD Remedy eagerly welcomes the feedback and participation of interested folks across the country. For more information, please check out  

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