Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

Tom Wray
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Remember last week, when I mentioned Matt Harding and his dancing videos? The newest one came out today. And he has managed to outdo himself. And brought a few friends.

Unlike past videos, Matt's actually learned a few steps and even shows some skill. So there's some choreography. Which he taught. To thousands. That is not an exagerations. Take a look at many of the city square scenes from around the world. They are packed. That "stupid dance" still makes an appearance, just because it's fun. But he's got people moving and dancing together. The result can only be called the first truly global flash mob.

The places matter too. Unlike past years where he never got past the DMZ, Matt's doing a waltz in Pyongyang, North Korea. The friggin' hermit kingdom.  He got sailors dancing on the USS Abraham Lincoln. An aircraft carrier. He even made it Syria (the faces blurred to protect the dancers in that currently strife torn nation), Cairo not long after the Tahrir Square revolution and Erbil, Iraq. From the tent cities in Port au Prince, Haiti to a high school gym in Pennsylvania to tower-lined shores of Hong Kong. The ending just wraps it in the perfect bow.

Watch the video. You'll at minimum laugh. You might even get a bit teared up. But it's just the right kind of escape for these times.

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