Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Album Review -The Head And The Heart, "The Head And The Heart"

Megan Purazrang
WCB Music Writer

The Head and the Heart is without a doubt a spitting image of Mumford and Sons. The band native to Seattle, Washington originally was formed by Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell in 2009, now consists of six members total. The indie rock genre tends to carry with it a double-edged sword. The music can carry immense lyrical matter, but with the negative condition of sounding the same as every other of their band peers.

The Head And The Heart 
The Head And The Heart
Released - April 19, 2011
Label - Sub Pop

The debut self-titled album The Head and the Heart is a happily noted folk-rock record. The instrumentation is set apart and spices certain songs with the “just enough” emphasis touch to make the songs better. The song “Ghosts” is framed with a lively piano melody and unison vocal sounds. A slower ballad, “Down in the Valley” is the perfect song to begin a day of healthy reflection. Again, characteristics that are relevant in many other bands who delve into the genre are present in this slow song folk mood. “Lost In My Mind” is a faster paced ballad with heartened lyrics and a smoothly progressive melody. The song carries a danceable pop feel in comparison to the rest of the record.

The rest of the songs that make up the remaining minutes of the album are repetitive and predictably follow suite of the typical indie-rock style. It’s no doubt that more than one of these tunes have ended up on modern radio stations, but within the sound is a similar key to what is commonly heard. What they have is bound to be successful within the genre; however, they still have plenty time to develop a uniquely identifiable sound.

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