Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Saturday Silent Cinema! Marcel Carne's 'Children of Paradise' Restored!

Music Box Theatre

It’s time once again for Second Saturday Silent Cinema! This month, we’re presenting the 1928 classic LILAC TIME, starring Colleen Moore and a young Gary Cooper. The film features some of the most death-defying stunts ever caught on film! Buy your advance tickets here!

Also, opening this Friday is a beautiful restoration of Marcel Carne’s CHILDREN OF PARADISE. Be sure to check out this very cool YouTube video that show’s a side-by-side comparison of the old version versus the restored version.
Lastly, we’re presenting a one-time screening of the new documentary BAILOUT next Wednesday at 8:00pm. Tickets available here!

See you at the movies!

World War I biplane pilots aloft over France, raring to survive the mission and return to their mamzelles on the ground. Based on a 1917 play by Jane Cowl and Jane Murfin, this late silent introduced the song “Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time.’‘ White-knuckle dogfights in the sky are a reminder that stunt pilot Frank Baker was killed during production.
All of those handsome young men in their flying machines are billeted in a field next to the Widow Berthelot’s farmhouse in France. Her daughter Jeannine is curious about the young men fighting for England in World War I and their airplanes. Then one of the aviators is killed. His replacement is Captain Philip Blythe who can’t help but notice Jeannine. When he lands the first time, she is standing in the middle of his “runway.” She makes a more favorable impression when he sees her later by the lilacs. When all of the young men depart on a mission, Blythe promises to return.
Sat, May 12

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