Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movie Review- The Crafty Story of Poe- 'The Raven'

April Barkley 
WCB Movie Writer

Studio- Relativity Media
James McTeigue
John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve,
Brendan Gleeson, Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Rating- 3 out of 4 stars
I saw a rather clever movie today with a clever plot and it was a smart murder-mystery thrill ride. And I saw a rather drunk John Cusack, playing Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven. It won’t win best picture but it’s an entertaining look at the fictional end of Poe’s life.

Basically a crazy guy starts committing murders inspired by Poe's darkest poems and a detective (Luke Evans) joins Poe in a hunt to stop him from making every one of Poe's fictional eerie stories into a reality. It all takes place in the last few days of Poe’s life. Crappy way to spend your last days alive huh? Well, Poe (Cusack) doesn’t mind since the love of his life has been involved in the murder mysteries and is held as bait to keep Poe fighting until the end until he finds who this crazed man is. 

The movie has the ability to keep your attention. It has the ability to keep you wondering who this madman is. But with all of this, it did not have the ability to come together and be what it could have been. It had its moments of greatness. But the rest was just Cusack drinking and trying to desperately fit the role of Poe. It was like watching a more PG-13 version of Saw or playing a long game of Clue.

The Raven is directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and while it definitely comes second to V for Vendetta, The Raven’s plot was crafty and they had a lot to work with. Taking place during the 1800s, they set the movie up well with great costumes and wardrobes and good scene setting. The whole movie is morbid and that’s the way it should have been; it made the entire movie compelling. There isn’t too much gore, just enough to help keep the gothic theme going.

The only problem was the ending. It was pretty predictable and since we don’t spend much time with the characters, you don’t feel very invested in them, but either way, the movie functioned like a murder mystery novel that kept your attention.

The Raven is a fun way to kick off your summer and any movie with Cusack is a good time but don’t expect to be ravin’ about it, pun intended.

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