Monday, April 9, 2012

Threadless’ Comics-On Tees Series Launches “Space-Time” at C2E2

Via press release

Threadless, Chicago’s beloved international online community-based design company, has partnered with four comic artist icons in collaboration for their fifth series of the Comics-On Tees collection. Written and designed by Jeffrey Brown with artwork across a series of shirts by Jeff Lemire, Anders Nilsen, and Paul Hornschemeier, will be sold exclusively through Threadless either individually or as a set. Threadless will offer a sneak peek of the fifth series of Comic-On Tees at their booth at this year’s C2E2.

The Comics-On Tees were created in 2010 as an effort to continue Threadless’s mission to inspire awesomeness as well as support their artist community. Threadless launched the Comics-On Tees line to continue to empower artists to get their work out in new ways by translating a comic book onto a series of tees. 

"Space-Time!" began as a segment of a children's science oriented television show, which interspersed science experiments and factual information with segments of a science fiction space exploration adventure, featuring several humans and aliens traveling to explore the universe beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Later, after the show was cancelled, the license was bought by a comic book publisher, and the comic book series Space-Time!  focused on a new storyline of the explorers attempting to reach the Andromeda Galaxy. Despite planning on a three hundred issue journey with the team arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy in the last issue, the series ran for only 53 issues before being cancelled. Each t-shirt corresponds to issues of the series.

Threadless will be in the North Building of McCormick Place during C2E2.

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