Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Macy’s Spring Flower Show Review

April Barkley
WCB Show Writer

Photo: April Barkley
This floral toucan will greet you as you enter the Macy's
Spring Flower Show.
Welcome to spring Chicagoans! It came early this year and to celebrate, its time to head to the annual Macy’s Spring Flower Show. It’ll help get your mind into springtime mode. It’s free to check out, there are exciting events going on everyday and amazing floral arrangements.

The Macy’s on State Street is taking on a Brazilian theme with gardens of paradise. It is now on the 9th floor, with a few arrangements elsewhere in the store, but the 9th floor is where your trip begins. The show began March 25 and will continue until April 7.

Upon entering, you’re greeted by a colorful Toucan made of plants and small flowers. Walk through the maze of bright colors, lush and bold flowers and plants, and you’ll find some exotic flowers that are certainly picture-worthy and some cute scene settings.

There are plenty of events to check out while the show is still running. In March, they had various cooking demonstrations, live Brazilian music and family activities. But, there are more events coming in April. For the kiddies, huge animatronic bugs compliments of the Brookfield Zoo are placed within floral arrangements on the kid’s floor, cooking demonstrations featuring Brazilian food and yummy pastries.

On Friday, April 6, charge up your weekend with a martial arts performance and dance and a live performance by singer and songwriter Peter Oprisko described to be Sinatraesque. And to finish the weekend and the end of the Flower Show, children book events and family fun day on Sunday, April 7. And for you gardening enthusiasts, almost everyday you’ll get a chance to meet with the floral designers who designed everything you’ll see at the show, with new arrangements daily!

And you have to eat don’t you? So, head to the Walnut Room for a delicious meal. It’s always decorated beautifully in there too and yeah, you guessed it, it’s going with the Brazil exotic paradise too.

While you’re there, since you’re at Macy’s, you have to shop, that’s obvious. And there are some great deals happening. The one day sale happening April 4, fragrance scent event through April 7, and of course, the great shoe sale through April 7. So, make a day of it during the show. Shop, eat and enjoy the Brazil paradise.

I’ve gone the past few years, and it keeps getting better and better. It’s a great time for residents or visitors. There’s just a few days left so get your paradise on and head to Macy’s on State Street. Check out their website to see what events are going on and their times at

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