Saturday, April 14, 2012

C2E2 Roaring Along!

Tom Wray
WCB Editor

C2E2 is going strong with its second day finished. Panels took place all day today after a relatively quiet first day on Friday. However, we only got to one panel - John Barrowman, star of the BBC and now Starz series Torchwood. No repeat of the last time I met stars from the show (i.e., no squeeing loud enough to wake dogs in Schaumburg) but the weekend is still young.

The big fun of any con are the exhibitors, vendors and especially the fans. This year has had the expected amount of Imperial Stormtroopers, plenty of Ghostbusters and the newest players, Hunger Games characters (I saw two Effies, a Ceasar and a Katniss). Take a look at som of the many, many photos from today. There's more on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

John frakking Barrowman!
The Diva from The Fifth Element. A bit shorter in person.
So many streams are being crossed here, but they all look great.
Effie and Ceasar. Check out our YouTube channel for our interview with them soon.
Even the Evil Empire needs a vacation.
There's hot, then there's freaky hot. Watch for her interview as well.

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