Monday, April 2, 2012

April 7: Welcome to the Chicago Spring

Occupy Chicago Press Committee

This Saturday, April 7, Occupy Chicago will bring together our neighborhood Occupations, labor rank-and-file, community coalitions, activist groups, and religious organizations to kick off Chicago Spring. Over 25 actions, workshops, and events are planned for the day, uniting Chicago's communities and highlighting the connected struggles of the 99%.

"April 7th is a community day," says Trina McGee, a participant in Occupy Chicago. "In the morning, groups all over the city will host events and actions in their neighborhoods, focused on their own issues and campaigns. In the afternoon and evening, we will come together to unite Chicago's struggles, showing how the battles of the 99% are interconnected. We will form a new network of allies, and strengthen existing bonds, to build the broad coalition we need to take power back from the 1%, putting it into the hands of Chicago's people and communities."

City-wide morning actions range from a Pilsen carnival from Occupy el Barrio, to the kick-off of Occupy the SouthSide's Stop the American Genocide (StAG) Human Rights Campaign, to a celebration of free-speech with street artist Chris Drew hosted by Occupy Rogers Park. In addition, three separate morning actions will converge with other groups in Hyde Park to rally against the legacy of Milton Friedman before heading downtown. Full list of the day's events:

At 1pm, April 7 participants will converge at Jackson & LaSalle, and march to Butler Field in Grant Park (Near Lake Shore Drive, South of Monroe). There, Occupy Chicago will offer a number of workshops and panel discussions on topics ranging from housing rights and urban education to NATO, alongside theater, yoga sessions, live music, and a massive community art project.

At 5:30pm a feast will take place at the Horse at Michigan & Congress, along with announcements of new campaigns from Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), National Nurses United (NNU), and Occupy the SouthSide.

At 7pm, Occupy Chicago's decision making body, the General Assembly, moves back outside to the Horse (Michigan & Congress), once again occupying public space with the debate and discussion central to real democracy.

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