Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking Dead's Steven Yeun coming to C2E2!

Lance Fensterman

Sup Chicago! Anyone else on a zombie-high after watching the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead this past weekend? Personally, I've found myself looking over my shoulder or out of my office door waiting for the next walker to jump out. In reality, it's just a fellow ReedPOP co-worker looking for some Monster Rehab in our late nights of planning for C2E2. The good news is that our favorite zombie-survivor with a baseball cap and pizza delivery man, Steven Yeun, A.K.A Glenn from The Walking Dead, is coming to C2E2! There will be no end in sight for the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead and the same thing goes for C2E2's Guest announcements...they keep coming! Not only have we announced two huge Guests this week, we also have two huge deadlines for Hotel and Ticket Mailing coming up! C2E2 is getting closer and closer and we still have so much more to come.

Steven Yeun
The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun
The Walking Dead's zombie-survivor, Steven Yeun will be at C2E2! We're hoping he doesn't bring any of his zombie friends along...but on second thought, that could make for a very interesting show! Steven Yeun came on the scene from another nerd favorite, The Big Bang Theory and has since found a home with the zombies we can't get enough of. He will be hosting a Panel and Signing you will not want to miss on Saturday, April 14!

Jhonen Vasquez is coming!We are thrilled to announce that   Jhonen Vasquez will be coming to C2E2! You may know him better as Chancre Scolex or even Mr. Scolex, but what ever you prefer to call him, he's one hell of a writer! Jhonen is not only a comic book writer but also a cartoonist and music video director! His work on Invader Zim was a huge hit as a comic book series as well as airing on Nickelodeon! Check out his Panel and Signing at C2E2!

Gail Simone
Gail Simone will be at C2E2We've got another comic writer on board for C2E2, Gail Simone! With the writing ability to take Wonder Woman and Batgirl all to the next level, we can't wait to see what she brings to C2E2! Gail made her mark at DC with the comic Birds of Prey that has delighted comic readers and she hasn't stopped since! We're amped that we have another amazing comic writer to join us at C2E2. Make sure you check her out at the show!

Ticket mailing deadline - 2 DAYS! There are only 2 days left to order your Tickets for C2E2 before our Ticket Mailing Deadline on Friday, March 23 at 11:59 PM CDT! We want to be able to give our Fans lots and lots of time on the Show Floor to enjoy C2E2's pop culture mania. Don't waste this valuable time waiting in line to pick up your Ticket; snag yours today before it's too late!
Hotel deadline tomorrow! Still haven't booked your room for C2E2? There's still time! C2E2's Hotel Deadline is TOMORROW, March 22 and you don't want to miss it! In partnership with onPeak, C2E2 has made sure to give our Fans the most comfortable and affordable stay while at the rockin' pop culture party that is C2E2. You officially have one day left, act now!

Show floor map is live!C2E2's Show Floor map is now live on the website! Find out how to navigate McCormick Place before C2E2 so you can glide from Panel to Autographing session, no problem! We have an entire building overview as well as the Show Floor overview so you can see where all of your favorite Exhibitors will be located. Check it out today!

Nerdist Give Away!The Nerdist channel just crossed the threshold of 25,000 subscribers to the channel - a silver anniversary we can't thank you enough for. But we're gonna try, with a celebratory Star Trek giveaway to help you shine on. Enter now to win a replica phaser and command insignia by QMX, along with a pair of Potato Heads (Kirk and Kor) and some Klingon Monopoly

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