Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ryan Buell Is Coming to C2E2

Lance Fensterman C2E2

Ryan Buell
What's shakin' Chicago? Last night I was convinced my house was haunted. No joke, I was wide awake, jumping at every sound, waiting to encounter a late relative at any moment. In all actuality, this "ghost" was really just my cat having an all out war with one of my flannels. I know that some of you can relate to this feeling of relief, but our next Guest has had more than one occasion where he's been in the presence of some real paranormal activity. We're going to hear some crazy stories when Ryan Buell comes to C2E2! Eric Powell will also be bringing some of his snarky humor and creativity to the C2E2 Show Floor! These Guests get my heart racing in more ways than one and we have even more coming that will blow you away. Still want more? Download our new Mobile App for a special sneak preview of some epic upcoming Panels at C2E2 that just went live! Trust me, we've covered all the bases to make this C2E2 experience one you will never forget

Ryan Buell Is Headed To Chicago!
Paranormal State's Host and Co-Executive Producer, Ryan Buell is coming to C2E2! Real paranormal activity would send a lot of people running for the hills, but Ryan faces it dead on! His investigations now go beyond A&E's Paranormal State sparking a feature film in the making, American Ghost Hunter. There is no doubt that Ryan has some stories that our Fans need to hear! Make sure you stop by this ghost investigator's Panel at C2E2!

Eric Powell!
Eric Powell
Eric Powell is on his way to C2E2 in April! Eric has worked for every major comic publisher but he's most well known for his work in his dark comedy series The Goon. We love a creator with a sense of humor! These days Eric is collaborating with actor David Fincher, Blur Animation, and Dark Horse Entertainment to bring The Goon to life on the big screen as an animated feature film! Check him out at the show!

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Quidditch at C2E2!
Calling all wizard fans, sports fans and any comic fan looking for a sweepin' good time! The sport of wizards comes to C2E2 this March. While you might be wondering how "Muggle Quidditch" works without the magic, flying brooms or even Harry Potter, check out Quidditch at C2E2 for all the details. For more information on the sport of muggle magic check out

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