Monday, March 26, 2012

Concert Review - Shy Guy Says at Township

By Megan Purazrang
WCB Music Writer

(Photo credit Luisa Castellanos)
Shy Guy Says
2200 California Ave., Chicago
March 21, 2012.
At the Township bar previously known as Panchos located at 2200 California Avenue, Chicago, an Illinois-based band called Shy Guy Says performed an impressionable show on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.
The venue is small and intimate and posed as an adequate host for the developing band. The members are David Hubbell on guitar, vocals and keys, Jeremy Marsan on guitar and vocals, Marc Vicary on drums and RJ Marsan on keys and synth. The simplicity of the place was fitting and allowed a focus on the performance more so than bigger venues sometimes can provide for smaller sets. However, the stage made for little to no movement for the members. It was hard to comprehend what the stage presence would have been if they had room to seize. Their sound was able to embody the area without too much hesitation and came with a surprising twist. For not seeing the band before, it seemed to be positive shock when they stepped on stage and played with such an authentic embracement.

It is hard to place a particular sound style to the music of Shy Guy Says because their sound holds many diverse qualities including progressive rock, math and a slight touch of pop. The electronic feel of the music is tranquil and embracing with a defining line of skill and potential. Every song played carried an essence of space and depth, and the crowd was following with each layered beat. The guitar solos had an edge and the vocals are the icing to the cake allowing the musical instruments to thrive. The accompanied keyboard is a beneficial touch to their sound allowing movement to flow through the pieces.

The 30-minute show was complimented by the comfortable back-and-forth communication of the members, and the confidence of their quintessence. The band has been playing together since 2008, and they frequently play shows in numerous settings which include basements and venues. They have recently released their first full-length album titled, Sucraphrenia.

Overall, Shy Guy Says performs a show worth seeing. If they can easily adapt to a variety of different stages and set-up scenarios like their show at the Township, they have the beginning elements to become greater.


  1. I been following this band for a while, and let me tell you - they r are on to it!! I love Shy Guy Says! U gotta check them out!