Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Occupy Chicago Stands in Solidarity with the People of Greece

Occupy Chicago

The people of Greece are calling for international solidarity protests against the poverty and austerity being forced upon them by the Eurpoean Union and the International Monetary Fund. This Thursday, Occupy Chicago will answer that call with a rally and march to the Greek Consulate. We will gather at 7pm at Jackson and LaSalle, and march to Consulate at 650 N St. Claire, where we will rally until 9pm.

Under the new austerity measures, wages in Greece are to be cut by more than 20%, thousands of civil servants will be laid off, and vital social programs will be severely cut as well. Current unemployemnt in Greece is at 20%, and youth unemployemnt is over 40%. These measures come on the heels of heavy wage cuts passed by parliament last year, in a country where a member of parliament makes 20 times the Greek minimum wage. These laws punish the Greek 99% to repay the debts of the ruling class. The government has sold out sovereignty, the poor, and the working class in the interest of foreign creditors and the demands of the 1%. Bankers continue to make millions and corporations pay fewer taxes. The rest of society, having done nothing wrong, is being punished for the failures of the market.

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