Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Launch of the Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective

Occupy Chicago Press Office

Occupy Chicago’s Arts and Recreation Committee and the Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective (OCRAC) host the Collective’s launch event—a curated multimedia arts event built around the work of artists working for change. The event will include live music, spoken word & poetry, a theatrical workshop and performance, a political art gallery, stenciling, interactive art installations, video and photography projections, and more. The line-up includes: The Kuhls, DJ Catnip, Theatre of the Oppressed, When Flying Feels Like Falling, Captain Captain, a performance by 20% Theatre Company, Snake Oil Salesmen, Kris de la Rash, and several poets, spoken word artists, and speakers including one from the Piccolo Elementary School occupation. "The goal of the revolutionary artist is to make the revolution irresistible"—Tony Cade Bambara. The launch will connect politically motivated artists in collaboration to make the most world-changing art you've never imagined!

About OCRAC: The Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective is a network of artists in support of Occupy Chicago. It is a project of Occupy Chi’s Arts & Recreation Committee.

Occupy Chicago is here to fight corporate abuse of American democracy in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world. The Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective (OCRAC) exists for the purpose of connecting with artists of all stripes–painting and sculpture, music and poetry, theater and dance–and mobilizing the power of art in the name of a more just and equal world.

Culture is a right, not a privilege. Times like these are when the spirit of solidarity can break the segregation of the entertainment and arts industries and make our culture more vital, more relevant. New images, new sounds and new ways of approaching art are forged, and we show that ordinary people have ability to create culture without the meddling of the upper 1%. From rock to hip-hop, from expressionism to Dada, from slam poetry to modern dance, from the stages to the streets. This is our world, and this is our art!

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