Friday, February 3, 2012

ESC-Visual Nerd Propaganda Night-Heathers/Female Trouble

Evil Squirrel Comics is hosting a movie night at their location in Rogers Park.
A chance to drink with your comrades as we watch visual nerd propaganda on an 100" screen.

This week's first visual nerd propaganda is 80's uber bitch classic "Heather's" part of our February's a B!TC# month.

"Heather's" will start about 8 pm.
Followed up by one of John Water's sickest classics "Female Trouble" Seriously folks, this movie is so gross and disgusting it probably shouldn't have been we love it!!

"Female Trouble" will start about 10 pm

As always we suggest BYOB...these movies get better the more you drink.

Have a request for movie night?
Send Shawn an email

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