Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker comes to C2E2

Lance Fensterman

Sup Chi-Town! At the end of an intense video gaming sesh, have you ever been left wanting more? Well we've got some big news, the Dragon Age video game we all know and love has been adapted into film and will premiere at C2E2! Take advantage of this opportunity to meet some of the voices behind Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Michael Tatum and Mike McFarland who will be in the flesh at the show this April! But that's not all I've got for you today, set your alarm for when tickets to our annual C2E2 Dinner go on sale TOMORROW! Our brand new C2E2 Mobile App - Presented by ShiftyLook - is now alive and kickin' ready for you to plan all of the awesomeness that you will be enjoying at C2E2. We wish we could tell you about all of the other jaw dropping Guests we have coming, but you know what they say...patience is a virtue.

Come meet the voices behind Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker! Colleen Clinkenbeard, Michael Tatum and Mike McFarland will be stepping out from behind their animated characters and into the world of C2E2! There will also be a special screening of this movie on Sunday, April 15. Make sure you check it out and come meet the voice actors behind this incredible film!

Roman Dirge
Roman Dirge has definitely made his mark on the comic world with his writing and artistic talents. The creator of the Lenore comic book series will be roaming the halls of C2E2 and we can't wait to meet him! Just a word to the wise, this is one creator you will want to spend some time with.

Jeremny Haun
Here's another unreal comic artist to add to the list! Jeremy Haun will be joining us this Spring! He recently illustrated the Artifacts event series and is now drawing his heart out for Top Cow's Darkness series. We're stoked that Jeremy is coming to Chi-Town, make sure you check him out at the show!

Dine with some of Marvel Comics greatest talents,  CB Cebulski, Joe Quesada and Jason Aaron on April 13 at 8:00 PM. Tickets for this once in a lifetime experience go on sale TOMORROW, February 29 at 12:00 PM CST! Be one of the 12 lucky fans to sit down to a family style menu at Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard's Girl & The Goat restaurant! The delicious menu will be chosen by Chef Izard herself, including five waves of food and a wine pairing. Tickets are $375 but worth every penny!

Download The Official C2E2 Mobile App - Presented by ShiftyLook - today to help guide you through the pop culture madness that is C2E2! This App will be your best friend while at the show allowing you to find every autographing session, panel location and much more! Check it out today and prepare yourself for a rockin' show this April!

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