Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charlaine Harris is coming to C2E2

Lance Fensterman

Have you ever been in a particularly dark, cold situation where blood sucking vamps seem to be lurking around every corner? Luckily for me, my naturally intimidating demeanor, style and permanent garlic necklace have made all forms of trouble turn and run the other way. Our next Guest created the world of Bon Temps full of our favorite mythical creatures of the underworld. We are psyched to give you a Happy Friday gift, Charlaine Harris is coming to C2E2! We are so far from being done with Guest announcements Chicago, prepare yourself to be blown away next week.

Charlaine Harris
Meet the woman who made all of our supernatural dreams come true, Charlaine Harris! From vampires to shape-shifters Charlaine has one hell of an imagination! Not only has she brought us the The Sookie Stackhouse Series but her work has inspired the vamped up hit series, True Blood. Make sure you pay her a visit at C2E2 but watch out for those fangs!

Tim Sale
We've got another Comic Guest to add to our ever growing list of comic creators, Tim Sale! Tim has worked on several of the classics from the Batman, Spiderman and The Hulk series. He was also an artist for the hit NBC show Heroes. We're pumped that Tim is going to be at C2E2 with all of his creativity in tow! Be sure you give him a warm Chicago welcome!

Can't get enough of supernatural creatures taking over the world? Us either! Thank goodness for Veronica Wolff, Rachel Caine, Mari Mancusi, Christina Henry and Chloe Neill and their novels filled with the awesomeness we all love to enjoy! What's even better, they will all be coming to C2E2! Make sure you check them out and find out all the insider information about the underworld from the people who know it best!

Want to fine dine with some of the best in comics? Don't miss your chance! Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and her restaurant Girl & the Goat will be hosting some of Marvel's greatest talents: CB Cebulski, Joe Quesada, Jason Aaron. 12 lucky fans will have the chance to join in on this incredible experience! Tickets go on sale on February 29 at 12:00 PM CST and are $375, but the opportunity is priceless!

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