Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Firefly MMO may open end of February

Earlier this week, we mreported about the long delayed Firefly MMO from Multiverse being delayed.... again. However, another MMO has started to get some attention.

DarkCryo Entertainment has set a date for the launch of it's Firefly Universe Online MMO. The game, currently in closed beta, will launch on February 29, 2012. Players can be in one of four factions: Alliance, Browncoats, Reavers or Megacorps (such as Blue Sun).

The active Firefly roleplay community in Second Life virtual world was interested in the possibilities. And while reaction was supportive, none planned to quit the roleplay environment that has grown in Second Life over the past five years.

Firefly Universe Online is seeking officaial endorsement by Fox and Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy, the company said in a press release this past summer. It will proceed under fair use as an unauthorized canonical parady as a tribute to fans, cast and Whedon.

The MMO continues in the same vein as the fan film Browncoats: Redemption that premiered at Dragon Con in 2010.

For more information and to sign up for the MMO, go to

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