Friday, January 20, 2012

Adam Hughes is Coming to C2E2!

Lance Fensterman

Adam Hughes
Photo courtesy of C2E2
Meeeeeyowwwww! So I was sitting at home the other night building a life size statue of Catwoman out of legos and I was thinking to myself, "what would make C2E2 even cooler this year?" We all know that the one thing that would make C2E2 even cooler is MORE COWBELL! However, the second thing that would make C2E2 wildly cool is MORE CATWOMAN! Especially the Catwoman that Adam Hughes draws. Mmm...goggles....but I digress. The big news for today is that Adam Hughes is coming back to the biggest pop culture party in Chicago! I know I am excited and I am sure you are too. Do you have a special cat friend in your life that you would like to treat to the ultimate C2E2 experience? You are in luck because C2E2 VIP Tickets are on sale now and we all know that you deserve the very best. Don't hesitate - snag yourself a C2E2 VIP Ticket. The C2E2 train is rollin' now at full steam ahead, we are Midwest bound and down, we are comin' in hot and this is just the start, Chicago. Brace yourselves.

How many of you have the pin-up of Catwoman or Wonder Woman gracing the walls of your rooms? Well, meet the man who made that possible! We are ecstatic to have such a talented artist like Adam Hughes in the halls of C2E2. He's made his mark on DC Comics, Marvel and plenty of other notable comics and magazines. Leaving little to the imagination is Adam's specialty and we can't wait to see what he brings to C2E2 2012!

It's artists galore! We have comic geniuses on our hands who have drawn every comic fan's favorite series under the sun including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Adventures of Captain America, Green Lantern and much, much more. Come see Franco, Allison Sohn, Katie Cook, Kevin Maguire, Lee Kohse and Ivan Brandon in action. Artist Alley is shaping up to be have talent up the ying yang, make sure you check these guys out!

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