Saturday, July 16, 2011

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Final Fantasy 7- Older but Good

By Phillip Powers
Video Game Reviewer

It’s been a long time since I first started playing video games but the most memorable one and still my favorite even today is Final Fantasy 7. Yes, it is an older game having come out in ’97. But it was the first real RPG I ever played and the first Final Fantasy that I played. Even so, it remains a great memory for me.

Some of the best parts of the game lie in the battle system. It was the first Final Fantasy to introduce limit breaks, a special attack that can be used after taking enough damage and you can learn more powerful ones the more you use this special attack. It was also the first Final Fantasy game to be rendered in 3D polygons allowing for a full 360 view of the world.

It even allowed you to raise a chocobo for the first time, which would allow you to find some special items and dungeon. It also introduced character-specific ultimate weapons which when found only a certain character can equip, but when they do it is the best weapon in the game for them. The magic system was also a slightly newer innovation much like the sixth installment which had magicite. This one has items called materia which lets you use the type of magic associated with it. Materia does level up which can open up to better stronger magic of the type and when materia reaches master level it splits into a fresh one and you get to keep the mastered one.

Alas, there were some bad points for as good of a game as it was.

Some of the optional bosses were really quite challenging and there was a certain optional dungeon that was slightly difficult. There are also two characters that you could possibly miss if you are not the explorative type also some special material that can be missed if you just breeze through the story.

All in all, it was a very good game that I would recommend to others that they play it and hopefully they enjoy it all the same.

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