Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High Profile Crimes in Lakeview Highlight Divisions

A fight and stabbing in Lakeview over the Fourth of July weekend has started a firestorm of accusations and arguements, especially on the web, with accusations of racism.

The below video was made by a Lakeview resident and posted on YouTube. The video shows two groups of people fighting just below the resident's apartment (For the record, the resident and his partner had called 911 before starting the camera). The victim was stabbed twice and it has been reported by various outlets that he is recovering.

The event was the latest incident of violence in the past three weeks. And while the general opinion is that crime and violence has gotten worse in Lakeview recently, divisions have become visible with accusations of racism.

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Comments on the video on both YouTube and the Chicago Tribune have gotten bad enough that comments were disabled., which also reported on the latest incident, has kept its comments active. Comments such as "God! I am completely horrified by this. This is so unbelievable. What is wrong with black people?", "Blacks ruin every neighborhood they are allowed to infect with their ignorance and violence. The problem IS blacks in the neighborhood!!!!!!! ", and "How many people have to robbed, beaten, and stabbed in East Lake View before people realize black people are destroying our neighborhood? 10? 50? 1000? How much blood will it take to open your liberal eyes?" Such comments were usually made anonymously. The comments got strong reactions and accusations of racism and bigotry. Similar comments from both sides have also been seen on the Take Back Boystown Facebook page.

Meetings are being planned, including one already scheduled with the local CAPS program at the Inter American Public School on 851 W. Waveland (corner of Waveland/Fremont) in Lakeview at 7 p.m.

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