Friday, July 29, 2011

Anime Review: Code Geass

By Phillip PowersReviewer

Code Geass is an interesting anime it blends mechs and political intrigue so well. It starts with the empire of Britannia invading Japan using a type of mech called a Knightmare which they had just invented and it uses a precious mineral called sakuradite as its main power source. Japan is the main exporter of this resource so it stands as why they would get invaded. After the war Japan was renamed area eleven and the Japanese are now referred to as elevens. The main character is Lelouch Lamperouge a Britannian student attending the Ashford Academy in area eleven. Lelouch is a very smart kid and excels at his studies when he attends class however he likes to skip some days to go into the city and gamble with nobles at chess. One day he tries to save some people in an accident when he meets the mysterious C.C. a young lady held in a containment box in a truck. After that fateful meeting he gains a special ability to command anyone to do anything he says. The power is called Geass and it is the power of kings but he is warned that it will lead him to a life of solitude.

During the encounter we also find out that he is actually Lelouch Vi Britannia direct son of the current emperor of Brittania who was thought to be dead.

From then on he continues to hide who he is by coming up with an alias known only as Zero as he tries to fight with Britannia to find who killed his mother.

As the story goes on he meets his old childhood friend Suzaku who is Japanese and an honorary Britannia in the military. As he makes his way through his siblings to try to find an answer he makes friends into enemies and some enemies into friends. As the story goes on he gets closer to finding his answer until he gets caught and bought before his father when the series gets rebooted and sort of restarted for the start of second season. When the second season starts it’s like the start of the show all over again but it’s different at the same time. All the while Lelouch does get closer to the answers he seeks and when he does he takes some drastic measures however I will not go into it here so not to spoil the story.

As for how I like the show it was very good and I liked it very much and hope that there is a third season for the show which would be great.

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